Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Wichmann Whirl

In our agility travels it is well know that anything CAN and WILL happen. So when someone performs a "new" handling move it's generally named after that individual. Before you think this is a GOOD thing let me clarify, that these moves are NOT planned and can have disastrous results. Usually meaning an NQ - or non qualifying score.

We have the "Hartzler" - which is celebrating a clean run before the dog clears the last jump and the dog drops that bar. Thus resulting in an NQ. Although many of us have had the misfortune of having this happen. No one has done it so well and so often as Hartzler.

The "Full Kittrell" in which the handler falls down in a heap and the dog comes over to offer assistance, or wash handler's face. Generally resulting in an NQ as the dog ends up with a refusal, since they dodn't normally complete the next obstacle in the sequence.

And now, I proudly present to you - the "Wichmann Whirl". It's a WONDERFUL thing to have an agility move named after you. (OR NOT!!! G) It's even more gratifying when you actually have it on video. (At least it is for the person that HAS the video - which would be me!) What makes this amazing is that Jamie went on to qualify in spite of his handler!!! GOOD JOB JAMIE!!!

Please do NOT try this move at your next agility trial, it should only be performed by seasoned professionals.

You'll need to watch it a couple times to get the FULL feel of the move. I'm not sure any of us will be able to duplicate it (which is a GOOD THING!).

Martha completes a full rotation in a counter clockwise direction, due to Jamie's rear cross (she's following the rule of NEVER take your eyes off your dog!! In spite of Martha, Jamie is able to take and clear the correct jump and then spins in a clockwise direction looking for Martha. JL!!!

So for your viewing pleasure!! I present to you....the WICHMANN WHIRL!

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