Friday, July 30, 2010

MAD DOG wants her OWN RIDE!!!

This van is actually AVAILABLE in Wisconsin!!

A friend and fellow Portuguese Water Dog Owner happened
upon it at a Dealership!!! THANKS NICOLE!!

What she failed to tell me was....
1) How much it is....and..

2) What it's pulling! It's obviously hooked up to something!!

Mad is pretty sure it's a BOAT and
is hoping there's a lot of uneaten food inside!

Monday, July 26, 2010

ORIF - Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy continues, for my wrist. I haven't brought up my ankle, for OBVIOUS REASONS!! It seems that every time I go, they send me home with something 'fun' to work with. A couple weeks ago, I got my very own container of putty!! I asked if it picked up comics out of the newspaper, he just looked at me funny. I asked if it was okay if it got full of dog hair, he said, I didn't need to bring it back. I asked if I could get orange? He gave me red instead. I don't think he really listens to me anymore! G

My first visit, 10 days post surgery, the PT people were concerned about my ability to rotate my wrist. So, I was sent home with some exercises to work on until my next visit a month later. I had to promise to do them, or they were going to make me come in a couple times a week. What a waste of time!! I did them! Yes, I know you'd think I'd slack, but I do NOT want to have problems! I'm happy to report that I was ahead of where they'd expected me to be in this department. I can now even turn the ignition of the van with my right hand. The truck, not so much! G. I opened the cap of my first new jug of milk this am! Yes, it's the little things you take for granted!

The visits all start out the same, 10 minutes under a heating pad! Just my wrist, although I sneak my left hand in there too, it's COLD in there! I really want one of those heating pads, they are AWESOME!! Followed by 8 minutes of ultrasound. They use to focus the ultrasound on the incision to help break up the scarring, but now they are working on my flexor/extension, (the ability to move your hand forward and back). This is important for such things as, getting a beverage out of a cooler, pushing a door open, or helping yourself out of a pool. I'm not doing so well in this area. Time to buckle down I guess.

I don't complain, too much, at therapy. I know they have to push the joint in order to get the motion back to as near normal as possible. Whenever I ask if it will be as 'good as new', they will only say, "that is the goal". Gee, now there's a disclaimer! Also, you learn with the general population's 'normal' is and what 'your normal' is are two different things. They use your 'healthy wrist' to determine what your normal range is.

I can't remember where I'm at for Flexion right now, but I'm not very close. Extension, I'm at 60 degrees in my right, my left is at 75. So, I need about 15 degrees of improvement there yet.
Flexion: 80-90 degrees
Bend wrist so palm nears lower arm.

Extension: 70 degrees
Bend wrist in opposite direction.
Last Monday, Brad, my PT guy, really did some stretching on it and it hurt for two days after. I did mention it to him last Thursday, so he gave me an easy day. Today I told him, I'd rather have it hurt for a few days and get back to 'normal', then not. So, back to major stretching we went. I also got to do an arm bicycle, which is really a waste of energy!! Last Thursday I only burt 20 calories in 5 minutes of pedaling. That was DISTURBING!!! Today, however, I burned 23, so that's more like it! JL!! I'd really like to avoid that machine in the future.

Today I also got a round elastic band! When I mentioned that it looked rather dangerous, he gave me that "look" again. I explained that I had a friend that has had a LOT of bad experiences with bungee cords and that this did NOT look safe! He advised that I keep said 'friend' away from it. SORRY MARTHA!! Then I told him, on the bright side, I could always use it as a tourniquet in case of emergency. That got me another one of those "looks". G

I do weight lifting while I'm there! Yep, BUFF ME UP!!! Okay, so it's just wrist weight lifting. I started out with a one pounder, then moved up to 2 lbs. The 2lb weight was purple, I explained that I wasn't really a purple fan, so could we just use the orange one? Since Orange was 8 lbs, he said no, but he did move me up to 3 lbs. It's green, which is better than purple.

Writing is still the most painful thing for me to do. Well, that's not necessarily true, pushing myself up with the palm of my hand is, but I can avoid that. Bill has pointed out that I'm still able to sign my VISA receipts. To be honest, that's about as much as I can write. That has something to do with one of those bones that either had to be removed or is pinned somewhere. Let's face it, I'm screwed!! (pun intended)

You really don't think about what you do everyday that involves your wrist. You brush your teeth, open doors, turn handles, shake hands (or not!), reach in a cooler, pull a chair from under the table, pick things up, pull weeds, open a bottle of soda/water, write, type, drive, shift, knit, crochet, and I won't mention bathroom duties. Too late, I guess I already did. Try it sometime, go without using your dominate hand. UGH! What a pain!

Brad said I was really lucky to get the surgeon I did. Apparently he thinks very highly of him, so that's nice. Dr. P didn't even flinch when I asked him if I was murdered if they could ID my body with the plate. He said, "Why yes they can!" Apparently he doesn't get asked that very often. G

As proof that you can find almost ANYTHING on You's an ORIF. There are several of them out there. ENJOY!! Or not????

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crop Dusting!!

Riding in a Crop Duster is on my "Bucket List". Since adding it to my list I've learned that in order for me to do this I'll either: 1) Learn to fly a plane and have someone hire me. 2) Literally sit in the pilot's lap, as they are ONE SEATERS!! It appears that this item might not be obtainable, so in the mean time, I sure enjoy the show they put on!

Early this morning, the crop dusters were out in force! Unfortunately for the dogs, that means they have to stay inside.

These pilots are amazing, they head straight for your house, barn or power lines and then at the last possible minute, lift out of danger. Well, most of them do anyway. Every year there are accidents and it's not hard to understand why or how. It's truly incredible to watch.

After several passes by our place, I went in to get the 'flip'. I'm all ready to record and I'm apparently standing too close to the electric fence. ZAP!!! VBG So, if you listen closely at the very beginning of this clip, you'll hear me say, "ouch". It wasn't really that big of a zap, especially compared to Julie's fence that zapped me a few weeks ago! It was more of a 'wake up' call. G

I also found a little clip on You Tube!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Cedar Rapids - Pet Ordinance Revision - Dogs left in cars!

Cedar Rapids is suggesting some changes in the Pet Ordinance laws.

Why do they always wait until the day before the meeting to make this stuff known? Is is so people have plans and can not attend? It sure seems that way to me.

The meeting is tonight Friday in the community room of Cedar Rapids police headquarters, 505 First St. SW, beginning at 6:30. It's a two hour meeting. There is also one scheduled for Tuesday 7/27 - Location and time isn't available at this time.

For many of us outside the Cedar Rapids area, this may not seem like it impacts us. IT DOES!! Please read the BLUE Section 4 - 23.05.

Many of us leave our dogs in our vehicles when we go to train or show our dogs. We provide sun screens, fans and anything else our dogs may require to keep them comfortable. So, if you train or show in Cedar Rapids, this impacts YOU!!!

The way this reads, you can not take your pet along for any trip if you will be leaving it alone in the vehicle. I'm pretty sure this does NOT mean we will now be able to take our dogs into the "Road Ranger" with us to get a soda! G


Chapter 23 Ordinance Revision - Summary of Changes

A public hearing has been scheduled for the July 27, 2010 City Council meeting to adopt revisions to Chapter
23, Cats, Dogs and Other Animals. In anticipation of that public hearing, the following is provided as a
summary of the changes proposed within the Ordinance revision.


Most municipalities and counties require that its citizens pay a licensing fee for their pets. Some reasons for animal
licensing include Public Health and Safety concerns (licensing requires proof of a valid rabies vaccination), a greater
likelihood of reuniting lost pets with their owners, and a reduction in pet overpopulation through the use of a differential
licensing fee structure.

Outsourcing administration of the licensing program will provide a turnkey solution to managing all functions of an animal
licensing program, thus freeing up animal control personnel to spend time serving citizens and increasing the services
provided to citizens while saving the agency valuable time and money.
Licensing administration services typically consist of the following:

Processing licensing mail

Depositing licensing revenue

Entering licensing and vaccination data

Mailing license tags

Providing customer service to citizens, veterinarians, and agency staff

Collecting and processing tag sales reports from authorized registrars

Maintaining privacy of data according to applicable laws

In order to increase animal licensing and compliance, a licensing administrator can also provide the following services:

Mailing licensing notices and follow-up notices to citizens

Offering online licensing with credit card payment, provided that all documentation requirements can be met

Customizing a website with licensing information and customer service for the citizens of the municipality

Proper licensing results in a reduction in the number of animals which enter animals shelters, and therefore eliminates the expense that would have been associated with the care, feeding, and disposition of these licensed animals. Enforcement of licensing helps to ensure compliance with rabies vaccination requirements, which in turn reduces the probability of an
outbreak of rabies in the local animal population.
Finally, proper education on the benefits of licensing and vaccination generally promotes more responsible pet ownership, resulting in a safer, more informed community.

Recommended licensing fees for both dogs and cats 4 months of age and over are:

$10 annually for altered dogs and cats

$35 annually for unaltered dogs and cats

Exception:Persons sixty-five or older may obtain permanent licenses for spayed or neutered cats or dogs which are valid for the lifetime of the cat or dog; provided, such cat or dog must permanently reside with the license applicant; provided further, no person or persons residing in the same household may obtain more than three such senior citizen pet licenses.

Licenses not renewed by the designated renewal date shall be assessed an additional license fee of $10.00.

Handling fee. Where license application is made to the authorized pet licensing agent, such agent may charge a handling fee, not to exceed $5.00 per license. Where written application is made to the authority's designees, such designees may charge a handling fee, not to exceed $5.00 per license. Provided, however, that such fees shall not apply to a blind owner, keeper or harborer of any dog or cat of a hearing-impaired owner, keeper or harborer of a hearing-aid dog or other service dog.


Some of Chapter 23 definitions needed updating:

1. Use of "dangerous´ or 'vicious´ was often confusing. Not all dogs that bite are 'dangerous´ or 'vicious´. Some bite incidents are accidents. Redefining and clarifying bites into either 'Potentially Dangerous´ or 'Dangerous´ allows officers the latitude to make the appropriate call based on individual situations. It also allows officers to impose certain restrictions on dogs declared 'potentially´ dangerous, such as requiring the animal to where a muzzle when off
the owner¶s property, microchip implantation and registration, or requiring animal behavior or obedience training.

2. The use and reference to Wild and/or Exotic is also clarified, and referenced only in terms of wild animals. While the current ordinance defines Wild/Exotic, it did not prohibit them or provide for a disposition of wild/exotic, thereby defining what a lion, tiger or bear was, but not disallowing the ownership of them within city limits. This has been corrected.

3. Includes definition of Urban Chicken to correspond with new Chapter 23A.
Miscellaneous Updates include:

1. Edits ordinance to 'Manager´ vs. 'Director´

2. Includes 'venomous and constricting snakes´ to list of Wild and Exotic. We currently ban crocodilians, but do not include venomous and constricting snakes, which are often more of a problem than the crocodilians. Iowa Code 717F bans most venomous and constricting snakes.

3. Updates of 23.02 Rabies Vaccination and 23.04 Veterinarian Requirements to include that licensed veterinarians shall provide copy of vaccination certificates to animal control division. This will aid in licensing compliance.

4. Section 23.05 Duty of Owner. (i) Prohibits unattended animals left in cars. Animal Control receives dozens of these calls regularly, especially during the summer months. It takes only minutes for a pet left in a vehicle on a warm day to succumb to heatstroke and suffocation. On a 78 degree day, temperatures in a car parked in the shade can exceed 90 degrees -- and hit a scorching 160 degrees if parked in the sun!

(j) addresses abandonment.

(k) prohibits ownership of fowl within the city limits without first obtaining a permit.

5. New Section 23.07 Animal Noise. Clarifies what is considered a disturbance, limitation on time and frequency of noise, and how it will be enforced.

6. Section 23.12 Updates 'Manager´ and enforcement of power to include Animal Control Officers and Police


7. Sections 23.20 and 23.21 updates Wild or Exotic and Dangerous language, and provides for a disposition.

8. Section 23.22 is amended by removing 23.22(b)(2) there from. City Attorney¶s office recommends that if alternative relief is sought, such as prohibiting a person from owning animals or putting an animal up for adoption,a municipal infraction should be considered.

9. Section 23.33 Citations for Violations. Authorizes Animal Control Officers to issue citations for violations of

Chapter 23.

10. Sections 23.34 and 23.35 Schedule of Offenses and Fines, and Fees. Per recommendation by City Attorney and City Clerk, removes table of fees from the ordinance, and provides for updates to be passed by resolution.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Please Save my MARRIAGE!!

This little 5-6 week old kitten lives up the road. She REALLY needs a home, and Bill said, "NOT OURS!" She is so darn cute and really hard to get pictures of, as she's in motion all the time!

If you know anyone looking for an adorable "Border Collie" Kitten, please have them contact me. There are several others to chose from, but this one is the cutest!

I'd really like to bring it home, but 4 'farm' cats is enough for us.
I'm not sure if Bill would really put up a huge fuss, or he is just 'thinking' he would.

At least he hasn't said, "that Kitten or me!", cuz I sure would MISS HIM!! G

Monday, July 12, 2010

Native Plants!! Rattlesnake Master!

Bill took me out Saturday afternoon to see the Shellsburg Native Plants & Prairie. We haven't been there in over 6 weeks and WOW has it grown!!! I might point out here, that Bill had a motive in driving me 15 miles to look at plants. It was FOOD!!! Roy's Grocery is in Shellsburg, he has the BEST BRATS around! NO QUESTION!

Here are some of the Purple cone flowers.

Remember the "Cup Plant" from my May blog?
It's now HUGE!!
It's starting to get yellow flowers.

The 'Compass Plant' has these cool 'lace' type leaves.
At a glance, you might think it's a thistle.

As it grows, over 9' tall, it develops yellow flowers that 'follow the sun'.
(Or not??)

The story is that the pioneers would look to this plant
for direction. In the open prairie, you could easily get
going in circles.

I think Martha and I must have used
THIS Compass Plant when we ended
up in Effingham, IL!!!
It's not pointing in a clear direction.

One of my favorites is the "Rattlesnake Master".
It's leaves resemble a Yucca type plant.
Native Indians used the root as a antidote
to rattlesnake bites.

Pretty neat looking...huh?

Here's what you might have seen crossing Iowa 200 years ago.
I'm pretty sure Roy's wasn't established then. G

Later in the evening, Bill was going to do some mowing with the push mower.


The bagger was already in use!!
That darn Cougar!!

July has been a good month so far.

My wrist is healing well,
and my ankle is feeling much better!
My ankles really are