Monday, February 13, 2012

Lady Bugs For The Garden.....

Sometimes I get carried away with my projects. 
It keeps me sane, I think?

So, when I saw this garden art project that involved
bowling balls, all I could think of is, 
"I've got to get me some!"

As luck would have it, Marsha's dad found me a couple old b balls.  
This one is her Grandpas!  
Yes, it is still her Grandfathers, she gets to keep it. 
I wonder if he would have ever imagined it being turned into a bug?

 The first step is to use a high quality primer. 
Finger prints are optional.

They were covered by the 2nd coat of primer, 
and I was more careful this time!

Next came the coat of orange!
This was my FAVORITE part!
Two coats, just because I LOVE the color!

Then use green frog tape to make your black markings. 
I made the middle strip first. 

Loved taking the tape off!

Now for the 'spots'!
I got creative and cut the circles out of the green frog tape. 
This tape is AMAZING!
I put the tape onto plastic, then just cut out the circle.
It worked fabulously!

Next I positioned the 'spots' where I wanted them.
Then painted them. 
Apparently I didn't think that was worth taking
a picture of, because I didn't!

I think painted the 1 1/4" wooden balls that would fit on 
the end of the copper tubing. 
These would become the antenna and  
placed in the two finger holes.
I drilled holes into the box of tubing and used 
Q-Tips to hold the balls in place to dry.
Aren't they cute!!

I put a couple coats of Polycrylic  protective finish. 

Then glued the antenna in using Gorilla glue. 
Then used some black caulking to fill in the 
thumb hole and around the antenna.

How fun is that!

It will look cuter outside around the flowers.
It's currently snowing,  so
I guess it'll have to wait! 

Bill said he will NOT haul 20 of these around
for Christmas presents next December. 
I guess I'll have to come up with a more
portable idea!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carrie Got Lasik Surgery!!

I don't suppose most people own a vehicle long enough to have to replace the headlamps. In the last year or so, the headlights were noticeably dimmer.  You could change the light bulb, but it was apparent the problem wasn't resolved.  

Marsha mentioned that a friend purchased new lamps for her mom's car, and couldn't believe the difference. So, the search began for a pair of headlamps for my 2003 Honda Van, Carrie. 

I know, a van is just a vehicle, but, she's more than that to me. I bought her new almost 8 years ago, and after 230K, I'm kind of attached.  I won't buy another vehicle until I'm forced to. Yes, blame me for the poor economy, it's not my fault I love the van I have! 

Yesterday Carrie had her new 'eyeballs' installed!
To say it is an improvement is an understatement!

Although you can't really tell from the pictures, they are BRIGHT!

Here's to another couple hundred K! least one more.....
Well Done Carrie!