Monday, February 14, 2011

Stones and Water in the Garden

In the Spring, some people hunt Morel Mushrooms.
Me - I hunt ROCKS!
I attended a ‘FREE’ presentation by Jamie Beyer 
on Sunday afternoon sponsored by - - the topic 
“Stones and water in the garden”.  I do enjoy rocks, and have many field stones.   
My objective in attending was to get some new ideas on 
displaying these stones within my flowers and plants. 

The presentation was in two parts; the first on stones, the second on water.

During the stone discussion we learned that there are 3 types of stones. 

Sedimentary – Limestone and Sandstone are a couple examples of sedimentary stone.   
They crack flat and are often used for paths and walkways.

Metamorphic – These are existing rock types that are changed due to heat and pressure.

Igneous – Are formed as a result of cooling and solidifying of Lava. 

Most of the stones I have are Igneous, they were transported into this area by Glaciers.  
 How amazing is that! 

Jamie added Two more types of stones to our list.

Hypertufa – which is a ‘man made’ rock that weighs a fraction of real stone.  It’s generally made up of cement/peat moss and perlite.

Leaver-right Rocks  – these are the stones that are so big, you should “Leave it right there”  (I’ve spotted a couple of these – someday I might get brave enough to ask a neighbor to retrieve one for me)

A few of the reasons Jamie likes rocks – they:
Never Rot
Don’t blow away
Don’t Die

He also discussed the need for a variety of rock shapes, 
(as well as plant shapes) in your garden.   

He used the “E” principal to explain.  

 There are 3 shapes of rocks to watch for.

Round – E
Point – E
Flat – E

I really need to look for more Point-E and Flat-E rocks.   

I’m full up on Round-Es!!

He discussed how it was important to make it look like your stones were placed my ‘Nature’.  
 Mine sure don’t, so that’s a spring project for me for sure!!! 

He also discussed moving rock. 
I was pretty interested in this as I move almost all my own stones. 
I’d like to be able to move some larger ones! 
One of the items he uses is a Hog carcass moving cart.  


 Hum….Valentine’s Day present idea??  
 Probably not, since its $268 new, 
I’m thinking I’ll have to just use the good ole wheel barrow.  
 But a girl can dream!!

The second presentation was on Water in the Garden.  I was debating on staying as I know I would never have a pond.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE them!!  I think they are beautiful!  I just know I’d never have one.  I felt they were too labor intensive, too expensive and I have DUCKS!  Can you even imagine!  LOL!  My pretty little pond would be surrounded by chicken wire to keep the ducks out.  One year the ducks even crossed the gravel road to ‘drool’ over the neighbors above ground pool!! 

I was wrong!  They do NOT have to be labor intensive!  They do NOT have to be big!  They do NOT have to have a pump!  They do NOT have to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Did I mention I was wrong?

Sure if you’re going to have a water fall, you’ll need to pump.   
Yep, some of them are huge!!   
Yes, some of them are probably a lot of work…..but…..listen up!

You can have a water garden in something that holds a cup of water!   
WHAT!!  Yep!   
There are some very cute little ‘floatie’ plants out there that 
will do well in just a little water container. 

Mosquitoes will breed in standing water, but if you add a little 
mosquito dunk and it kills the larva.   
These are environmentally safe, so no worries there!

Want something a little bigger?   
I know now I DO!!!   
Find a large plastic barrel.   
Looking for some assistance here!!   
Anyone know where I can find one?   
Color doesn’t matter, but it would probably be best if it held a food item. 

Cut the top part of the barrel off, you’ll want to leave enough of the bottom so it can hold 30” of water.   This way when you put your water plants (in pots) inside the container, the tops of the pots will never show.  You can also put two gold fish in this container!!  I’ll be honest, that’s probably what really sold me!  I can get TWO FISH!!  Their job will be to eat the mosquito larva.  If you don’t want the fish, I can’t imagine not wanting a couple fish, you can use a mosquito dunk. 

One of the biggest problems is going to be picking out which plants to use.  Who would have thought there were so many to pick from?  One plant Jamie said is a MUST have, the Helvola.    It’s a small flower, so perfect for a container.  There are a LOT of little floatie plants that are cute!  Right now I’m thinking of getting some Frog bit and Water lettuce.  Toss in some Parrot feather, for fun.  The last plant to go into my container will be a Canna.  I’m not sure what color yet, but probably red or orange.  


 Frog Bit

Parrot Feather

Water Lettuce

Canna in water?  YES!!   

Jamie said that as long as you plant the tuber in dirt first and let it get 5-6” tall, 
you can then put it into the water container and it will go crazy!!!!  

As far as wintering, you can take the lily and parrot feather, 
put them in a black plastic bag and put them in your basement.
Keep them moist and you can use them again the next year!!   

That’s AWESOME!! 

I hate wasting money on plants I can’t reuse!!

I’m so excited about this! 

Is it Spring yet!!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Polar Plunge Registration - HELP!!!!

It's official!!  I'm registered!!  

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