Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It must be genetic?

Last week my mom fell and broke her wrist.  Yep, the old distal radial fracture strikes again!  It was her left wrist, which is her dominate hand.  I won't go into all the things she'll need to learn to do!  Been there, done that!  Right Barb!!

I told her prior to the accident, you do not need to be putting Santa and the reindeer up on the roof of the house this year!  Honestly, the neighbors will understand!  You're 70 years old!  Do you think she'd listen to me?  Oh no!  So looks what happens!  Kids these days, they just don't listen!

Off to the radiologist and surgeon's office today.  For whatever reason, she go lucky, only needed a cast.  Of course that will be followed up with another visit in 4 weeks, then physical therapy!  Hopefully all goes well. 

While I was in the waiting area, I came across an article on the Neanderthals.  This got me to thinking about the whole 'evolution' business.  With all the wrist fractures going on these days, was it such a good idea for us to be walking on 2 legs?  Maybe someone needs to take another look at this!  We might be much safer on all 4s!  I suppose it could make pushing those grocery carts a bit more challenging.

By the way, if you've gotten this far, mom really fell on a patch of ice while putting her recycle bin away.  I just thought my story sounded more exciting!  

Be careful out there!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where are my SNOW BOOTS!!!

Oh, that's right, I tossed them last spring!
I wonder why?

I could use them now...it's cold out!
(so they leaked a bit in the spring)

They got me through last winter just fine.
(this picture was taken January 2010)

The coveralls need a new zipper, 3rd one!
(Where's my seam ripper?)
I've had these coveralls since 1987.
I guess I can't be accused of not getting
the most out of things. 

I'll have to see what Gander Mountain has today.

Anyone have any boot suggestions?
I like the pull on type best.

Friday, December 3, 2010

In Missouri They Sell Deer Food.......

In Iowa, Deer ARE FOOD!!!

In Lake St. Louis, MO last weekend, 
we had a bit of a laugh at this sign. 

Who in their right mind would FEED THE DEER?
I'm sure their gardening neighbors are happy!
Deer Chow anyone?

Ron, if you read this!
Good luck hunting this weekend!
Dogs are hungry!