Sunday, August 21, 2011

Toads, Mud and Naked Ladies..........

A very busy weekend!!  
Friday began with watering the flowers, 
and the garden....AGAIN!!
I can't remember the last time we had rain!
It keeps missing us!

Saturday, the excitement continued. 
We've been losing pressure in our hydrant in the barn.  
Thursday is stopped completely, 
so Marvin the Mole (Jeff) told us we'd need to dig it out again. 
I missed out on all the fun last time....8-10 years ago? 
This time I got to have the fun!  
It actually was kind of fun. 

Bill and Jeff finished fixing it Sunday...
Thanks GUYS!!
I love my ponies!!

The Naked Ladies are almost done.
They are pretty, but don't last long.

They are also know as.....
the belladonna lily, the amaryllis, or an amarillo.

Finally, no matter the last of rain....
those "Fish-tunias" keep on blooming!!!
Nice Rilda!!