Saturday, March 26, 2011

Polar Plunge 2011

It's OVER!!
It wasn't too bad!
At least I didn't think so......

Air Temp - 32
Water Temp - 40
Everyone had their own style of 
entering the water. 

We decided that if your 
hair didn't get wet, 
it wasn't a plunge!

You were suppose to go around
the backside of the rescue person 
standing out in the water. 

Estimated earnings - $19946
29 teams and 117 people

That's awesome!!

Top Fund Raiser was 
Kathy Davidson!
Great Job Kathy!

Marsha took some AWESOME pictures!!!
Check out her gallery at ......

Monday, March 21, 2011

Polar Plunge Saturday - Temp 26/41

Polar Plunge is SATURDAY!!!

(Me and my Sister, Dawn)

I know, running and diving,
into the water in March, seems like a Cheater's Plunge!

But....check out the forecast! 

Low of 26 degrees Friday night.
High of 41 on Saturday.
The plunge is at noon. 
(at least I think it's noon....hopefully they send us a schedule)

Our team consists of myself, my sister - 
Dawn, and my niece - Valerie.

Below is Dawn.......
I'm hoping she will be wearing something similar this weekend!

Here's Val!
She's a bit older now!
(Aren't we all!!!)'s me!
Yep, the Snow storm of April '73

As long as no one thinks they have to 
"out do" the others by 'staying in the longest'!!

Who would do that??????