Sunday, September 27, 2009

emerald ash borer

Do you have Ash Trees in your yard?

If so, you might want to do your research NOW!!! During my Entomology (That's the study of bugs), class for the Master Gardener Program the speaker stated that this insect was within 50 miles of Iowa. So, it's only a matter of time before it hits our state.

Driving through town last week I made a point to look for ash trees. There are a LOT of them.

This can be treated, but it's expensive and much be done every year. So, if you have an ash tree in your yard, be sure to keep a close eye on it next year!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

YOU - GO GIRL"!!!!!!!

One of my PWD friends was telling me about her husband's business and how it received some national attention last week. It's a product called, "GO GIRL". It was featured on a couple of the MN Television networks, picked up by CNN and might make "The View". Only time will tell!!

After last week, this is sounding like a GREAT IDEA.
I'll have to do a 'portapotty' post and vote someday!

They also have a FUN Logo!!!

Don't Take Life Sitting Down

We might wish we had some of these while camping this weekend!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Working at Trials!!

I do enjoy working at trials. You get to eat the club's food, drink their soda or water, watch more of the dogs run, and you can keep your mind off your own up coming classes. Yes, I think I handle the dogs better when I work at a trail.

We were at a trial over the weekend in which I worked...and worked.....and worked. Even Sal, who's not known for wanting to work at trials, worked...and worked....and worked. Well, you're getting the idea!! G

It was a 3 ring "Circus" aka - Event. We were obviously the least attractive of the 3 rings. Saturday wasn't too bad, the worker organizer person seemed to at least "care" whether we had ring crew. She would pop over on occasion to see if we were 'fully' staffed. She tried to keep track of the workers and would check off their names 'if' they were there". Pizza came (Broadway - the BEST) and it was amazing how many people claimed to have 'worked'.
That did get Sal involved, however. VBG He will work for FOOD!!

On Saturday there were 8 classes in our ring. I ran in 4 and worked the other 4.

Sunday was a whole new Ball Game!! We must have been lost the Semi Finals, because EVERYONE ditched us!! Apparently the Elephants had come through during the night and pooped on our ring, as NO ONE wanted near it. Okay, so it was the 'starter'/'advanced' ring and we were NO BODIES!!! But geez!! We had 9 classes in our ring on Sunday. I worked all nine and ran in 5 of them. G

Our Judge was the nicest person. She was fun and easy to work with, which is honestly why we worked so hard! I wasn't in the first two classes, but somehow ended up scribing. The scribe had apparently not shown up. No problem!!! I'd rather do something else than scribe, as you don't get to watch the dog!! EEWWWW Well, be careful what you wish for. Next thing I knew, the gal that was timing had to go over and walk in another ring! So, yep, I was now the scribe/timer combo. Bill had the lower 1/2 of the ring setting jumps. The judge set the middle and yep, I got my end! It was soon to become a trend.

When my class ran and I got to the start line, the Judge looked at me, looked over at the scribe/timer seat, and said, "Oh, you really do run a dog. I thought you just came to work." We laughed. Later she asked if we were club members. She was surprised to here we weren't.

The day continued this way. Jumping from job to job, trying to make the judges life a bit easier.

I will say, when it came to changing courses, 5-6 people came out of no where to help! It would have been nice to have a couple of them to set bars when we needed them!!

There was one point in the day when two people came running over during a height change. I was so excited I almost jumped up and down. Then I realized they were carrying a blue winged jump. I thought to myself, "That's strange." They giggled as they took the jump in which I was adjusting the timers by. "Sorry", they giggled some more, "We just need this red winged jump.....Master Snookers ya know.". Well, I do NOW!!

Now I won't say it was a two person show all the time. We had an occasional token bar setter, chute fluffer, however not on a regular bases. It sure wasn't the people written on the schedule!!

During one class, I was without a gate steward, so I became the gate steward, timer, scribe and leash tosser. You think I'm lying!!! VBG

We only competed 2 of the 3 days and I was really feeling sorry for the judge. I thought her 3rd day was going to be horrible. When we left Sunday afternoon, I went over to say good-bye and thank her for the nice courses. Telling her sheepishly that we wouldn't be there for her tomorrow. Luckily, she wasn't going to be there either!!! LUCKY FOR HER!!

I'm sure it would have all worked out somehow. If you're at a trial and they are short on help, please jump in and offer to help. Even if it's just setting a couple bars during a height change! It sure helps things move along and makes every one's lives a little easier!!

On the bright side, I sure learned a lot about USDAA Classes!!! That's another great thing about working!! You gain experience!!!

Happy Trialing!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Affair!!

We met up with the WHOLE FAMILY (Minus DAD!!) at the USDAA Trial in
Lake Elmo, MN over the weekend.
Left to right is, Shiver (sister), Stormi (mom), Scorch (Bro) and Seeker,
who apparently thinks Scorch has COOTIES!!
Hard to believe their dad was almost solid tri.
Where did all that white come from!!!!