Sunday, November 23, 2008

For Dena

Since Dena "Seeker's Grandma" doesn't have a player for this type of video, I promised I'd put Seeker's runs on the blog. They aren't MARVELOUS!!! There are however some really nice things.

Just a side note, when the weave poles are #2, I practiced running while he was approaching on purpose. We do this at home and I was at this trial to practice, push his limits and get an idea of what we need to work on more at home.

Moving weave pole entries - when I'm ahead and moving.
Faster contacts.
Jumps, Jumps and MORE JUMPS!!!

Enjoy! I had fun and I'm pretty sure Seeker did too.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What's Grosser than Gross???

You ever play that game as a kid? You know, someone starts off saying, "What's grosser than gross", then they tell you something gross and you have to try to top it? No?? Hum....oh well, let's play anyway!

I have a "What's Grosser than Gross" tale for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment with a story to top it. If you dare. G

Last Monday, following the Halloween party, I took a BUNCH of those snack sized candy bars to work with me. There were 6 to be exact. I like them with my coffee in the morning. Sounds pretty tame, right? I showed some restraint by leaving 2 in my "work" tote for Tuesday morning's coffee. So far so good.

I always leave my work tote in the van overnight, so that I don't forget it in the morning. Tuesday morning I arrive at work at my usual 6 am. I pour my cup of coffee from my thermos into one of my favorite mugs. (McMurray Hatchery with a Polish Chicken on the front). I'm not sure why no one ever steals it? Oh, sorry...."shiny object".

I rut around in the bag looking for my chocolates and pull out the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. It's got holes in the package and it looks like someone was trying to eat it. Actually, they succeeded, kind of. What the HECK!! So I find the other chocolate, a Hershey Bar. Sure enough, there are bites taken out of that one too! BLOODY H!!! I apparently have a carpool buddy and he's NOT paying for gas, and to make it worse, he's also enjoying my chocolates in the evening! To say I was ANGRY was an understatement. If I wasn't afraid of being "committed" by my co-workers, I would have gone out and started YELLING inside the van at the little culprit. Instead however, I calmly emptied out my tote, looking for any little chocolate sprinkles. There weren't any, at least "it" was housebroken!

So that evening I asked Bill to set a couple mouse traps on the floor in the front seat of the van. (WHY?? It was HIS VAN) Yes, someone might as well just e-mail Jeff Foxworthy right now!!

You Might Be A Red Neck If......
You set a mouse trap inside your van and you catch one!

Wednesday morning, I'm happy to report....SUCCESS!!! I caught the little trick or treater! Apparently "it" wanted more peanut butter! I also apparently didn't know the right trick to get the treat!

One final note here, as I'm sure someone will want to try to top this story. So, let me just do it for you........

What's Grosser than Gross?? Finding two chocolates, nibbled on by a mouse and then eating it yourself!!! Did I?? No, even "I" have my limits. I just didn't want someone else to get that punch line. VBG

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween Birthday!!!

40th Birthdays are always fun and deserve a celebration. 30 seems to be hard for some people to swallow, so it's best done "quietly". By 40 however, you're pretty much over the "growing old" part and figure you're "hopefully" half way to it's time to PARTY!!!

Our Friend Marsha, AKA - Meme (I very RARELY call her by her given name) doesn't really care for surprises. So, I thought I'd ask if I could have a little get together for her 40th. She said, sure. I told her GREAT! I get to pick the theme and we left it at that. To be honest, I asked the beginning of September and we hardly spoke of it since. Mostly because if I started talking about it, the theme would no longer be a secret! I know.....loose lips sink ships, guess that's why I never made it to the Navy!

So for over 6 weeks I planned the Harry Potter birthday party! Yes, for adults. Um, very immature adults! LOL I won't bore you with my shopping trips, but they were many and trust me, I do NOT LIKE TO SHOP!! This however did become slightly addictive. I have NEVER made so many trips to Good Will in my life! What a great place to get unwanted graduation robes, perfect for our needs!!

So, let the party begin!!!

First off you need to have the 4 "houses" of Hogwarts represented.

Thus -

Slytherin was the hot food table.

Hufflepuff was the cake table.

Ravenclaw was the snack table and Gryffindor was the catch-all.

Next your cast of Characters.
(Note the two Muggles in the picture above!!)

There's of course Albus Dumbledore and Sybil Trelawney. (Below)

Madam Hooch - is she "drinking and riding???" Our 40 year old BIRTHDAY GIRL!

Professor's Spout and McGonagall -
They look like they're up to "NO GOOD" with those wands!

Our "Head Girl" and also a Birthday Girl....We'll get her in 8 YEARS!!

One of our "PERFECT'S". Is she "spiking the punch"?

A Head Boy - showing off his "Turbo Broom"!! (Do they allow sneakers at Hogwarts?)

And the animals.......


and finally, what would a Harry Potter Party be without Hedwig.
(I looks like a chicken, but she was working on her "WHO" all week!)

Everyone did such a nice job with their costumes that it really does need to become an annual event.

So, everyone, put your robe in plastic and be prepared NEXT YEAR!!

Not to worry, more blogs to come on the fabulous food, drink and yes, the ever popular one dollar toys!!! You won't want to miss that! VBG