Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's OVER!!

There's a saying - "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings".

In our case -

"It's ain't over 'til the Dumpster's hauled off"!

Today was the day!! I think the house is officially COMPLETED!!

I'd almost forgotten what the North side of the building
looked like from the house.
It's been a LONG, almost 5 months!

Some of it was weather related, some deer season related,
some unreliable worker related, and some ....um...I'm
not really sure WHAT related!


It' all began on 11/04/09 with the delivery of
the dumpster and siding.

The dumpster doesn't look very big!
You'll just have to take my work for it that it was!

I'm just glad I made it the whole 5 months
without backing into it with the van!!

He draped it with a cover!
Sal, you were right...we should have tossed more in!

Then loaded it onto his truck.
(I was taking pictures from the house)

Wow, that was easy!

and drove away!!

Good Bye OLD 1890 WOOD SIDING!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Friends!!

This is a really amazing video!!
Thanks Don for sharing!!

Follow up.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Rilda!!

One of the many reasons we enjoy the DMOTC Agility Trials each March, is the birthdays we celebrate. Maybe it's more the cake we like? With this group, food is always the most important factor! It's sad, but true.

This year, Rilda celebrated her 60th Birthday! We did a pretty good job of 'down playing' it on Friday. On Saturday, out came the cake and presents! Rilda adores Greg Louganis! Seriously, what's NOT to adore? So, imagine Meme's surprise when she found a copy at the the used book store! It's in great condition. When she opened it at home, she discovered another surprise. IT'S ACTUALLY SIGNED!!!! We had toyed with the idea of 'signing' it ourselves, but we really didn't have to! I checked on line and found a signed copy for $50! Meme, you got a bargain!

I also think this is the 3rd anniversary of Rilda's STOP SMOKING campaign!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Cat's DAY!!

Well, the Kitties all lined up for their vaccines! To be honest, they were in it for the FOOD! They wanted their kitty krunchies, and had NO IDEA a vaccine was involved. Cougar, Chatter and Chemi were all waiting at the back door. Hum….no Cher! AGAIN! She apparently knew something was up.

I went inside to get the vaccines mixed and was surprised, not pleasantly, to find these were actually to be given intranasal. Yes, that’s right! Up the NOSE!! Of a cat! Are you freaking kidding me! Let me give them a quick poke instead! What sane person tries to put liquid up a cat’s nose! I might as well sign up for a ‘Running With the Bulls”! Oh well, it is what it is. Bill was not home, not that he would have helped anyway! So, I mixed up my first vaccine and went to find the first victim.

Apparently, the cats weren’t all that smart, and did NOT think anything was amiss. They were all still there! Although by now they were starting to look a little put off, kind of like those drive through people, at the fast food joints that have to pull ahead and park to wait for their food. There was trouble a brewing! The Cat’s were CLUELESS!

Cougar was the first in line, he’s a nice kitty, so figured he was the ‘safest’. I had the nasal dropper in my right hand, and had a glove on in my left, just in case things got a tad bit “Western”! I put one drop in each eye, per the instructions, and then the rest up each nostril. NO REACTION!! So now I’m thinking the drop in each eye much paralyze any reaction you’d get if you simply put it up their nose? He was a little put off by the liquid up the nose, but he was purring the whole time. Typical Cougar!!

The next two cats were also perfect! I LOVE THIS STUFF! I also vaccinated Cher without any problems. WOW!! I AM SOLD! Hey Cher!! I got your picture!!!

Our ‘Cat Fun’ continued, as today Cougar had to go into the Vet for some chronic ear mites. The lucky guy, also needed a Rabies shot. They always ask if he needs his other shots, so today I took the little plastic bag the vaccine came in to show them what he’d just gotten. They had not seen the nasal drops either. We finally decided maybe it was due to the restrictions on needles in some states. This allowed people to vaccinate on their own without the needles. They were surprised that the cats didn’t seem to mind. Okay, maybe it was just ‘my’ cats that didn’t mind?

We were in the office a little early for our appointment, and from the growling, screaming and meowing; the first ‘victim’ of the day was another cat. YIKES! I hope they had on the ‘kitty gloves’, he was NOT happy! Cougar was just sitting in the vari-kennel, quietly waiting. He didn’t even make a sound on the way over, just rode quietly.
What a weird cat!
Finally, it’s our turn. I’m sure the Vet was thinking….’Great, another CAT’!! Insert ‘eye roll’ here. So, I explained what the problem was as I got Cougar out of his kennel. PPPUURRRRRRR

As soon as you touch this cat, it’s like a ‘on switch’, the motor starts to run! The vet looks at his ears, gives him his shot, cleans his ears, THREE TIMES and the darn cat just keeps laying there purring. You don’t even need to hold him. It’s the funniest thing! The Vet Tech is laughing, because it’s loud! Cougar’s in ‘kitty heaven’ with all the attention! Okay, so the cat has a mental disorder. What a nice cat!

Monday, March 15, 2010


We got our new storm door put on today!!!!

Why so excited??

After 10 years of having a door ripped out of our hands by an East wind, Bill might actually have found one that can survive!! It's a very heavy door, with two pulley backie things (technical term). It's comes in any color, as long as it's white. That was the only down side, it's rather boring. But if it stays ON, WHO CARES! I'll just paint the white boards around it a dark color, that should help. It's so heavy, we'll need to be sure the cats are out of the way or they could lose a tail....or worse!

When Bill started looking, he asked, "so what do you want." I told him, "I really didn't care, as long as it stayed on!!" I might have dropped the "F" bomb a couple times, it's hard to say. I told him that if the door came off again, that the whole south side of the house had best follow along with it! As much as this door cost, It HAD BETTER!!

Oh look at the cute little kitties. Chemi is the gray Tort, she's 11. Chatter is the white one, I'm guessing he's close to 3, he just showed up last winter. I guess 'word' gets around that I like cats. Finally, the cream colored one is Cougar. He's about 3 as well. Seven year old Cher didn't choose to be in the photo op without reimbursement for her time. Not to worry, she'll get 'hers'!! I just order kitty vaccines today! SSSSHHHH!!!!! Mums the word!

The inside of the newly enclosed porch is coming along. It might be done by next winter? Honestly, I think they should be done this week....but I'm not holding my breath. It's looking pretty good I think. I know, it looks like the outside of a barn! Isn't that great! I have to dust off my old horse collar/mirror combo! This little 5.5' X 17.5' room will be the nicest one in the house! I'm looking forward to having it done so I can sit out their with a book, a cat and a cup of coffee!! Here Kitty Kitty!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are You a Coke Drinker??

Okay, I admit it...I drink PEPSI!!

A Coke on occasion, if it's the only cola option.

This however, is a cute little video!


A Coke and A Smile!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freezers are FULL!!

As the temperatures moved into the 30's and 40's, our outside freezer, has come to an end.
Not that I'm sorry to see winter end and spring come! I wasn't however looking forward to finding room in the freezers for the remaining deer parts - AKA Dog Food.

We do count ourselves lucky for the cold winter. Winters past we have seen abnormally high temperatures in January/February, sometimes pushing into the 60's. Those temps this year would have been truly a nightmare for us. Visions of calling family and friends to see if they'd have room for a deer leg or slab of ribs would have been more then some of them could take. Where's video conferencing when you need it!

Thus, Saturday found us rearranging our two freezers, one of which is 'suppose' to be the 'human's freezer'. (Please note - I'm not implying we keep Humans in there!!)
US mere 'Humans', ended up with one shelf at the top of the smaller freezer, and enough room for a four loaves of bread. It's not hard to see who takes priority in this household!

The freezers are now officially jam packed. So much for the one inch rule!!
You know, the one that says you should leave one inch around the sides and top of your freezer?
I'm sure the dogs will make quick work of it. I did take 30 more pounds of deer trimmings to the locker to have some deer jerky and brats made. Hey, that's 30# less that I didn't have to find room for! The locker said it might be April before the brats are ready, I tried my best to look disappointed. We have several more bags of nice deer trimmings that the dogs may never see.
We'll see how the brats turn out first.

Meanwhile, the hens are laying like crazy again! So, it's time to boil and freeze those eggs as well. Did you know you can freeze boiled eggs? Hey, it works! The dogs don't seem to mind.
The grocery stores seem to be running sales on chicken hind quarters like crazy. I'm sure it's a conspiracy since we don't have room to store them right now. I can't complain, the dogs have been living off this deer since Christmas time. I can only hope next years hunt goes as well.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

If We Could FLY!!!!!

More rummaging through boxes of pictures and such.


This must be from 2001, as our house is still
all white and our roof is gray.
Funny how you need to use things like that
in order to date pictures.

My Niece, Daphne, myself, and my geese, Richard and Hyacinth.
Daphne's feeding them grain from her hands.
What good little geese.

I enjoyed my geese.
They LOVED me and would follow

If you put out your arms and 'flew',
they would join in by flapping their wings.
It was GREAT!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's Wrong With THIS Picture?


A Portuguese Water Dog pulling a sled
with some Samoyed helpers?

Kalista's Knee Jerk Reaction -
AKA - Krickie - got a little help from
her friends at a recent sledding event.

I'm not sure why no one seemed
excited to be sitting in the sled!

At least if they all got loose,
you could find the PWD!!!

Looks like all they needed
was a good old jack rabbit to chase!


If you haven't read Winter Dance,