Saturday, June 16, 2012

Got Bugs!!

I spotted a couple Japanese Beetles in my garden yesterday.
Not to worry, I squashed them. 
Like that was really going to help!

Speaking of 'Squash', spotted a cluster of eggs under
a few of the pumpkin leaves.  
Picked those off too.  

Then this afternoon, I walked back out to the garden....
and HOLY CRAP!!!!

They had invaded my asparagus! 
They were NOT there this morning!

Nasty little beasts!
A few too many to pick off one at a time.
So, as much as I hated to.....I sprayed them. 

If I wouldn't have spotted them, they would 
have picked these plants bare in a few hours.

I'll take the 'stink bugs' over these any day!

1 comment:

Rilda Sue said...

They could have the asparagus...just saying. Keep them away from the fishtunias, ok? Hope you win!!!! They are nasty and I'm hearing lots of people are fighting them.