Saturday, June 16, 2012

Got Bugs!!

I spotted a couple Japanese Beetles in my garden yesterday.
Not to worry, I squashed them. 
Like that was really going to help!

Speaking of 'Squash', spotted a cluster of eggs under
a few of the pumpkin leaves.  
Picked those off too.  

Then this afternoon, I walked back out to the garden....
and HOLY CRAP!!!!

They had invaded my asparagus! 
They were NOT there this morning!

Nasty little beasts!
A few too many to pick off one at a time.
So, as much as I hated to.....I sprayed them. 

If I wouldn't have spotted them, they would 
have picked these plants bare in a few hours.

I'll take the 'stink bugs' over these any day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They could have the asparagus...just saying. Keep them away from the fishtunias, ok? Hope you win!!!! They are nasty and I'm hearing lots of people are fighting them.