Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carrie Got Lasik Surgery!!

I don't suppose most people own a vehicle long enough to have to replace the headlamps. In the last year or so, the headlights were noticeably dimmer.  You could change the light bulb, but it was apparent the problem wasn't resolved.  

Marsha mentioned that a friend purchased new lamps for her mom's car, and couldn't believe the difference. So, the search began for a pair of headlamps for my 2003 Honda Van, Carrie. 

I know, a van is just a vehicle, but, she's more than that to me. I bought her new almost 8 years ago, and after 230K, I'm kind of attached.  I won't buy another vehicle until I'm forced to. Yes, blame me for the poor economy, it's not my fault I love the van I have! 

Yesterday Carrie had her new 'eyeballs' installed!
To say it is an improvement is an understatement!

Although you can't really tell from the pictures, they are BRIGHT!

Here's to another couple hundred K! least one more.....
Well Done Carrie!

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